About Us


A long hall lined with a floor to roof book shelf.

Chetham Library Interior, crammed with books, many which we falsely claimed to have read.

The fact that you’ve followed the “About Us” link says more about you than it ever could about us. I suppose you’re looking for some credentials, something to suggest we’re not illiterates spoon feeding you incorrect info about some of the greatest books ever written. Well, you’re not going to find those credentials here.

We’re going to take more of a do-it-yourself approach to literary criticism. Which is to say, we very well could be feeding you incorrect info.

Look, we know that all that stuff you should read … you’re not going to actually read it. So, we’ll read it to you. Now as far as what it all means, we’ll give you our two cents, but you should probably come to your own conclusions. I mean, we already read you the damn book; you’re going to have to do some of the work, here.