Take It All – Freeloader

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Essentially, you can use SYSR’s content, written and audio, as you’d like. We ask only that you attribute the work to us. Simply refer to us as stuff you should read with a link to this website.

What About Commercial Uses

Everyone’s gotta make a living. So, yes, by all means, carve up our work into little bits, sprinkle it onto your million dollar commercial idea and have at it. (Talk well of us if you make a ton of cash. Seriously, if it is a million dollar idea, a little something for the effort would be nice.)

What If I Cannot Give You Credit

If you are producing a work in a medium that makes it impossible to credit us, please contact us. We’ll likely give you permission, particularly if it is a work primarily for educational purposes.

What Are the Odds Of You Finding Out

Seriously? It hurts that you ask. Realistically we’ll never find out you boosted our stuff, you punk. Hope you’re happy. Now we have a question for you: what were you reading Permissions for anyway, when you were just going to steal the material?