The Podcast


We like to think of the Pod as more of a book club than a podcast. Here’s how it works:

The Material

We will pick out literary works that you’re supposed to have read – the classics: Twain, Dickens, Shakespeare, Austen – all the stuff you’re expected to read. We will read it to you for the first part of each podcast episode. (You know how other book clubs work. There’s always the guy, the one you suspect didn’t read it. We’ll avoid all of that by just reading it to you, unabridged.)

We’ll also put the text on our website; you can read along.

The Method

We will try to add in some sound effects, some music, some different voices for different characters. Nothing too obtrusive, and we’ll be careful to remain true to the author’s original tone, the underlying emotions that were already present in the text.

The Discussion

At the end of each episode, we’ll give you our misguided commentary. Not worth much, you say. We’re aware of that, but think how superior you’ll feel smugly listening to us foolishly miss the moral of the story.

We really hope the discussion doesn’t end there. You can always continue the discussion on our website by leaving your own comments.

Each week, we will put out a new episode early Thursday morning. Join us.