Araby by James Joyce

An audio rendition of Araby by James Joyce, along with notes, summary, commentary and analysis.

Mar 022012
Episode 031b: Notes on James Joyce's Araby

Fear and Self-Loathing at the Roller Rink   Summary, notes, commentary, and analysis of Araby by James Joyce. How is Araby like Flanagan’s adventure at the Aloha Roller Skating Rink? Is Mangan’s sister a stand in for the Catholic Church?   Tell us what you think with your comments below.   And if you haven’t more »

Mar 012012
Episode 031a: Araby by James Joyce

Fear and Self-Loathing in Dublin   Araby by James Joyce read to you in its entirety. Part of the collection published in the Dubliners, and perhaps not as widely read as The Dead or Eveline, Araby holds up as a classic, stuff you should read.         Credits:   Produced by: Tim Flanagan more »