Treasure Island

Our free audio rendition of Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure classic, Treasure Island.

Feb 162012
Episode 029: Treasure Island, Chapter 31-32

Spirits   Treasure Island, chapters thirty-one and thirty-two. Which side is Silver on? As we go hunting for treasure this episode, we need to remember to heed the doctor’s warnings about squalls. We also take a behind the scenes glance at The Persons of the Tale.   Who do you think Stevenson liked best – more »

Feb 092012
Episode 028: Treasure Island, Chapter 28-30

The Black Spot, Again   We stay the course on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, reading chapters twenty-eight, twenty-nine and thirty, and learning that mutiny breeds further mutiny. Where’s the loyal crew? We finish with some thoughts about courage, rum and disappearing ships.         Credits:   Produced by: Tim Flanagan and Pat more »

Feb 022012
Episode 027: Treasure Island, Chapter 25-27

Captain Hawkins   Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, chapters twenty-five through twenty-seven. Jim strikes the Jolly Roger, takes command and may have to deal with Israel Hands – settle his hash. We talk over Treasure Island!!!, lessons learned and the wisdom of Han Solo.         Credits:   Produced by: Tim Flanagan and more »

Jan 262012
Episode 026: Treasure Island, Chapters 22-24

French Leave   Treasure Island summary, synopsis, analysis, commentary? Not this episode, matey. This episode we turn matters over into the capable hands of Robert Louis Stevenson, alone, as we read chapters 22-24, adding only breathless music, scintillating sound effects, and … isn’t that enough?         Credits:   Produced by: Tim Flanagan more »