Mar 022012

Fear and Self-Loathing at the Roller Rink

Summary, notes, commentary, and analysis of Araby by James Joyce. How is Araby like Flanagan’s adventure at the Aloha Roller Skating Rink? Is Mangan’s sister a stand in for the Catholic Church?
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And if you haven’t read it, please follow the link below to listen to a free audio version of Joyce’s classic story.

Additional Resources:
The best resource for Araby on the Web is World Wide Dubliners. The site, created by Roger B. Blumberg and Wallace Gray, was meant as a resource for teachers and students. Wallace Gray compiled a fairly comprehensive list of notes that details some of the less known images of Catholicism or some of the more obscure Dublin-specific references in this annotated version of Araby.

Dubliners [Annotated]


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