Jun 072011

In this preview, we introduce stuff you should read, a podcast and book club where we read the book to you, since chances are most of you would not actually read the book if left to your own devices. We reveal the selection for our first book … drumroll …. Flanagan accuses Howe of destroying their last book club and explains why he might be an unlikely candidate to read this book to you.


This episode:
Produced by: Tim Flanagan & Pat Howe
Edited by: Tim Flanagan
The following sounds and music were used in this episode:
Theme Music (Pickup) by Jason Phelan


  3 Responses to “Introducing: stuff you should read”

  1. Great idea. The Foley is a little loud IMO, you should try ducking the Foley with the vocal. There are lots of ways to automate this.

    …sounds like a LOT of work, I wish you well :)

  2. Hey digifish, we pulled back the foley. Thanks for you feedback. If you get a chance to listen let us know what you think.


    P.S. It was Howe’s fault

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